Welcome to Clarcona Resort!

We are happy you are here. Moving into a deed-restricted community may seem overwhelming at first while you become acclimated with the rules and procedures. To help with this process, we are providing you with a checklist to help you get going.

You will find a lot of information you need right here on the website. A copy of the community rules & regulations, common forms, newsletter, and other helpful information can be found here.

The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. If you have any questions, please feel free to stop by or give us a call at (407)889-5491. You may also e-mail the office manager directly at manager@clarconaresort.org. The gatehouse may be contacted at (407)884-8812.

Thank you for joining our community!

Step 1

Verify that the owner of the property has completed an ADD/REMOVE/UPDATE form adding you to the lot.

Complete this step first! Unless you have been formally added to the lot by the homeowner, you will not have access to community amenities such as gatehouse entry and calling in guests, pool, bathhouse, and other recreational activities.

Step 2

Complete the “gate card” form and provide a copy of your license, insurance, and registration to the office.

The gate cards are currently $10 and must be paid prior to receiving your card. The gate card will allow you express access into the community by allowing entry through the resident gate (right-hand side). Entry through the manned window requires ID. Click here to apply for your gate card now.

Step 3

Register for a key FOB to access amenities (bathhouses, pool, pedestrian gate, etc.).

Registration can be completed during Orientation or at the office (once you have completed orientation).

Step 4

Register for Orientation!

All residents are required to attend Orientation prior to receiving access to community amenities. New residents that register in advance and complete the required forms will receive gate cards and amenity fobs at Orientation.

Step 5

Register for an RV Inspection (if needed)!

If you are bringing your own RV to your new lot, an RV Inspection is required. Please click here to reserve an inspection date and time.

Step 6

Get mailbox keys from the office or lot owner.

The mailboxes are privately owned but serviced through USPS. Key replacements are available through the office for $25 if needed, or lot owners may change the lock themselves.

Step 7

Sign up for ONR! (for gate passes and community info)!

All residents, owners, and tenants alike can use ONR to stay up to date on community events, participate in surveys, and create passes for guest entry. Click here for tutorials on how to use the app.